Friday, February 27, 2009

Great blog site for my gurls on a budget

Apologies for not adding any entry for the past week. I have been really busy. Even gurls on a budget had to keep busy, you know. Anyway, I have to make it short, but super sweet! A new friend recommended me this website where it gives us amazing events happening in NYC. This is my second favorite, after


just a preview of what entries I have in store.

-The gurl on a budegt guide to MedicAid
- The free mobile clinic in the East Village
- new tip for saving on anti-itch cream.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fast food on a budget part 1

As I suffer here from food coma for overstuffing my face with chicken and rice, an idea materialized for a blog entry. There is no question people want fast food for its convenience and price. Nowadays, however, prices for such fast treats are constantly going up. I measure cost of living by comparing McDonalds from state to state. I was so surprised to learn the price difference between California and New York. Luckily, there a few things that remained in the dollar menu but the rest were shockingly expensive. So, what is a gurl on a budget to do? Well, find ways to make it work. Today, we are featuring McDonalds and my new favorite, Popeyes:

1) Bring a stainless steel water bottle. Water is free and very healthy compared to your carbonated drink. Although, I got to admit, the sweetened Ice tea from Mcdonalds is to die for.

- Buy 3 orders of Chicken nuggets from the dollar menu. Each order contains 4 pieces, which sums to 12 pieces. Cost = $3.00 plus tax. The 10-piece chicken menu in its value meal is around $4.29 with tax (and this is without a drink). I don't know why McDonalds hasn't looked at this.

- Oh yes! My new favorite chain! They got fried chicken, french fries and , most importantly, rice! The biscuitis truly amazing, overlooking its cholestrol launching ingredients. Anyway, so I spent $6.49 dollars for their value meal consisting of 2 chickens, french fries and a biscuit (again without the drink). I know! super expensive and gurlonabudget truly doesn't approve.
Tip: Just tell the cashier you are ordering the "special". It is not in the menu so you have to say like you know what you are talking about (think In n Out for my West Coast peeps). For $3.99 you get 3 pieces of chicken and a biscuit. Who needs fries when you can get another piece of chicken. Shoot! I aint complaining.

Value meal without the drink = $6.49
The Special = $3.99 pp
** practically the same, yet priced differently.

You can also visit this blogpost for other Popeyes tips. The author is a tad funny, if you ask me.

And there you have it. Keep on checking to see more fast food savings from yours truly.

~ It is not much, but hey, it is something~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free $50 (or more) @ Times Square on Feb. 4

Hey folks! Watching the news really pays off. Look at this wonderful news I recently got.

New York's Bailout Begins in Times Square

Last update: 1:27 p.m. EST Feb. 3, 2009
NEW YORK, Feb 03, 2009 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Visitors To Times Square Can Receive Their Very Own Cash Stimulus Package, Starting At $50 Per Person, February 3rd & 4th As Part Of The Launch Of The New Video Classified Ads Website, BAILOUTBOOTH.COM.
With the country in the midst of economic crisis, everyone from the financial industry to the automakers are looking for a Bailout, but what about the average American, where is the bailout for them? The answer is, The Bailout Booth. On Tuesday, February 3rd and Wednesday, February 4th, New Yorkers can simply visit the Bailout Booth in Times Square, where visionary entrepreneur "Bailout Bill" will be giving away cash bailouts, starting at $50, to EVERYONE who walks up.

Yes friend! If you got no job and got time to spare, why not stop by Times Square and get your free money. Gurlonabudget definitely approves this wonderful act of charity. Now, don't get me started though with their PR move. I will just enjoy and try to get my money tomorrow.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cheapest beauty secret

We should start this blog by giving beauty tips. Listen what Tyra has to say about her beauty secret.

That's right friends! For 99 cents (minus the Swarovski crystals), you are guaranteed to purchase the most versatile (and possibly the cheapest) beauty product out of there. You are welcome!

Also, you will see me in this video. Watch for the guy in green jumping up and down.

Again a recap:
vaseline ==> $0.99

Gurlonabudget approves!

Friday, January 30, 2009


A step away from making my first entry. You might think this is just a blog about frugality. No, my friend. This blog is dedicated to everything and anything that is happening to me. It is just that my life currently is all about being cheap. Expect lots of freebies announcements and news article commentaries. Sounds boring? Child! I haven't even started.