Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fast food on a budget part 1

As I suffer here from food coma for overstuffing my face with chicken and rice, an idea materialized for a blog entry. There is no question people want fast food for its convenience and price. Nowadays, however, prices for such fast treats are constantly going up. I measure cost of living by comparing McDonalds from state to state. I was so surprised to learn the price difference between California and New York. Luckily, there a few things that remained in the dollar menu but the rest were shockingly expensive. So, what is a gurl on a budget to do? Well, find ways to make it work. Today, we are featuring McDonalds and my new favorite, Popeyes:

1) Bring a stainless steel water bottle. Water is free and very healthy compared to your carbonated drink. Although, I got to admit, the sweetened Ice tea from Mcdonalds is to die for.

- Buy 3 orders of Chicken nuggets from the dollar menu. Each order contains 4 pieces, which sums to 12 pieces. Cost = $3.00 plus tax. The 10-piece chicken menu in its value meal is around $4.29 with tax (and this is without a drink). I don't know why McDonalds hasn't looked at this.

- Oh yes! My new favorite chain! They got fried chicken, french fries and , most importantly, rice! The biscuitis truly amazing, overlooking its cholestrol launching ingredients. Anyway, so I spent $6.49 dollars for their value meal consisting of 2 chickens, french fries and a biscuit (again without the drink). I know! super expensive and gurlonabudget truly doesn't approve.
Tip: Just tell the cashier you are ordering the "special". It is not in the menu so you have to say like you know what you are talking about (think In n Out for my West Coast peeps). For $3.99 you get 3 pieces of chicken and a biscuit. Who needs fries when you can get another piece of chicken. Shoot! I aint complaining.

Value meal without the drink = $6.49
The Special = $3.99 pp
** practically the same, yet priced differently.

You can also visit this blogpost for other Popeyes tips. The author is a tad funny, if you ask me.

And there you have it. Keep on checking to see more fast food savings from yours truly.

~ It is not much, but hey, it is something~

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