Monday, May 24, 2010

let it be known as the Jersey Shore Challenge

This week should have been my "master cleanse"week, but memorial weekend drinking is just too stupid to pass on. Master Cleanse challenge will occur after Monday next week. Mark your calendars, everyone. This is going be really messy real quick. No worries though , I have the first season of glee to keep me company as I shunned myself to the rest of humanity for 10 days.

Anyway, this week will be a little bearable. In preparation for the weekend in the "Shore". I decided to do the "NO RICE" Challenge. Do I really need to explain. The party ends on Friday afternoon. Homeboy needs to be "high school" skinny as he hits the beach, which was by the way predicted to be around 65.

Challenge: No Rice Challenge (Tuesday to Friday)
- no rice
- 5 gym visits

Reward: Tom's shoes - They look great and the cause is genius


Sunday, April 25, 2010

This week: The Vegetarian Challenge

This was meant to be posted last week but once again I failed.

Vegetarian challenge was a success! It is actually more work than I thought so I did fail on doing the push ups and sit-ups.

Whatever! I endured the lack of protein and constant flatulence.

I didn't have a prize for my work but I am going to California this Thursday. So, maybe that's a prize.

Stay tune as I unveil my plan of doing the master cleanse... oh lord
You are looking at the proud owner of Guerlin Homme. The smell is divine! It is said to be inspired by Mojitos, which is just perfect since I just ended my drinking hiatus.

I am still trying to figure out the reward for this week. How hard is it for a rice consuming asian man to cut meat as his diet? Actually, really hard since I just realized I love my eggs, spam and vienna sausages. Right now, I am searching for my grocery list. You know it is really awful that I use google to create my vegetarian grocery list. Oh well, at least my life is expanding.

To add a little excitement I am adding other things to the mix
-Vegetarian challenge
-4 times in the gym -- since i have trip coming, I have to be in tip top shape
- Shop for a shrink -- why am I putting this in the back burner? this needs to be resolved.
-400 push ups - Yes we are stepping up a notch
-200 sit ups

Too much? Maybe not.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Guerlain Homme.. here I come

I need one more gym visit (5 mile run for breakfast) and 65 more push-ups and I will be a proud owner of possibly the most orgasmic cologne I have ever encountered.

For next week, should I justify a big ticket item since I am running a marathon? Let's see.

Also, a reader commented that my blog needs a makeover and Tyra needed to intervene. You know, I really this "rough around the edges" feel. It goes to show I am not trying hard to please anyone. But it wont hurt it Tyra tried to intervene and give this baby a makeover hahhaa.

The challenges will get more ridiculous as the week passes, so stay tuned everyone. And by everyone, I mean you Katie Martinez hahahahahahahaha


Sunday, April 11, 2010

New challenge of the week: Guerlain Homme

Last week's challenge was a success!! I am now a proud owner of a micro running short, just in time for spring running.

Anyway, this week is a little challenging since this week's item is a little pricey. I went to Sephora today and fell in love with this amazing cologne called Guerlain Home. Yes, very high-end but I do need to treat myself sometimes (ergo, this blog).

Now, this week challenge entails not only tightening your belt, but also a test on pushing myself to my physical limit. Upon completing this challenge, there is no question the scent of victory will be sweet:

Item: Guerlain Homme $66

- Go to the gym at least 3 times this week
- 300 push-ups
- No money spent on Breakfast for 3 days

Wish me luck

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Challenge of the week: Spend $0 until Thursday -- Item of the week: Shrink

I started to craft this idea of fusing my gurl-on-a-budget status with the concept of delayed gratification. Basically, A challenge comes every week (or two) about saving money that would then rewarded by spending it. Pretty stupid, you might think. But this is a good exercise on separating needs and wants. Am I ready to make sacrifices in order to achieve this one item/service? Well, I don't know the answer.

So without further adieu, let me unveil the item of the week:

ITEM: RUNNING SHORTS (Amount: probably around $30)

The challenge - Do not spend money until Wednesday. This means you may need to pack for lunch and breakfast

Updates will be posted soon


Friday, February 27, 2009

Great blog site for my gurls on a budget

Apologies for not adding any entry for the past week. I have been really busy. Even gurls on a budget had to keep busy, you know. Anyway, I have to make it short, but super sweet! A new friend recommended me this website where it gives us amazing events happening in NYC. This is my second favorite, after


just a preview of what entries I have in store.

-The gurl on a budegt guide to MedicAid
- The free mobile clinic in the East Village
- new tip for saving on anti-itch cream.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fast food on a budget part 1

As I suffer here from food coma for overstuffing my face with chicken and rice, an idea materialized for a blog entry. There is no question people want fast food for its convenience and price. Nowadays, however, prices for such fast treats are constantly going up. I measure cost of living by comparing McDonalds from state to state. I was so surprised to learn the price difference between California and New York. Luckily, there a few things that remained in the dollar menu but the rest were shockingly expensive. So, what is a gurl on a budget to do? Well, find ways to make it work. Today, we are featuring McDonalds and my new favorite, Popeyes:

1) Bring a stainless steel water bottle. Water is free and very healthy compared to your carbonated drink. Although, I got to admit, the sweetened Ice tea from Mcdonalds is to die for.

- Buy 3 orders of Chicken nuggets from the dollar menu. Each order contains 4 pieces, which sums to 12 pieces. Cost = $3.00 plus tax. The 10-piece chicken menu in its value meal is around $4.29 with tax (and this is without a drink). I don't know why McDonalds hasn't looked at this.

- Oh yes! My new favorite chain! They got fried chicken, french fries and , most importantly, rice! The biscuitis truly amazing, overlooking its cholestrol launching ingredients. Anyway, so I spent $6.49 dollars for their value meal consisting of 2 chickens, french fries and a biscuit (again without the drink). I know! super expensive and gurlonabudget truly doesn't approve.
Tip: Just tell the cashier you are ordering the "special". It is not in the menu so you have to say like you know what you are talking about (think In n Out for my West Coast peeps). For $3.99 you get 3 pieces of chicken and a biscuit. Who needs fries when you can get another piece of chicken. Shoot! I aint complaining.

Value meal without the drink = $6.49
The Special = $3.99 pp
** practically the same, yet priced differently.

You can also visit this blogpost for other Popeyes tips. The author is a tad funny, if you ask me.

And there you have it. Keep on checking to see more fast food savings from yours truly.

~ It is not much, but hey, it is something~