Monday, May 24, 2010

let it be known as the Jersey Shore Challenge

This week should have been my "master cleanse"week, but memorial weekend drinking is just too stupid to pass on. Master Cleanse challenge will occur after Monday next week. Mark your calendars, everyone. This is going be really messy real quick. No worries though , I have the first season of glee to keep me company as I shunned myself to the rest of humanity for 10 days.

Anyway, this week will be a little bearable. In preparation for the weekend in the "Shore". I decided to do the "NO RICE" Challenge. Do I really need to explain. The party ends on Friday afternoon. Homeboy needs to be "high school" skinny as he hits the beach, which was by the way predicted to be around 65.

Challenge: No Rice Challenge (Tuesday to Friday)
- no rice
- 5 gym visits

Reward: Tom's shoes - They look great and the cause is genius


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