Sunday, April 25, 2010

This week: The Vegetarian Challenge

This was meant to be posted last week but once again I failed.

Vegetarian challenge was a success! It is actually more work than I thought so I did fail on doing the push ups and sit-ups.

Whatever! I endured the lack of protein and constant flatulence.

I didn't have a prize for my work but I am going to California this Thursday. So, maybe that's a prize.

Stay tune as I unveil my plan of doing the master cleanse... oh lord
You are looking at the proud owner of Guerlin Homme. The smell is divine! It is said to be inspired by Mojitos, which is just perfect since I just ended my drinking hiatus.

I am still trying to figure out the reward for this week. How hard is it for a rice consuming asian man to cut meat as his diet? Actually, really hard since I just realized I love my eggs, spam and vienna sausages. Right now, I am searching for my grocery list. You know it is really awful that I use google to create my vegetarian grocery list. Oh well, at least my life is expanding.

To add a little excitement I am adding other things to the mix
-Vegetarian challenge
-4 times in the gym -- since i have trip coming, I have to be in tip top shape
- Shop for a shrink -- why am I putting this in the back burner? this needs to be resolved.
-400 push ups - Yes we are stepping up a notch
-200 sit ups

Too much? Maybe not.

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